Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Whine and Cheese anyone?

Hello folks...It is Tuesday and it is a bit late...sorry.  Been a pretty normal day...with one minor exception. A BACK SPASM...Ain't nobody got time for that!!!  Yes...I have a back spasm and I have been whining about it all day...literally and my plans are to whine a bit more here!  Joy! 

I am even getting on my own nerves!  I moaned and groaned at work...kept telling everyone...Did you know I have a back spasm...Did I mention that my back is in complete spasm...Excuse me, I need to let you know that I have a back spasm...You get the picture. 

I can be a real pain in the hind end!  LOL!  I think that my pain tolerance is pretty high until something like this happens and then it is like the world has ended and I am Drama Queen of the year! 
So I went to work out (Did I tell you that my back is killing me)...anyway, I was able to ride the bike for about 45 minutes before I could feel a sudden urge to whine...and since no one was there to listen...I stopped.  I am sure I was a sight to see..pedaling fast and furiously with my arms dangling down beside me and a lovely pained expression saying...Do you see this...Do you see me riding this bike with a BACK SPASM!!!
So I had to go to the grocery store afterwards...more opportunity for looking pitiful and looking for my next victim to complain to...

Stopped by my BFF's house...did some whining there (Emily rolled her eyes at my whining)...THEN...I got home...MOMMA!!!  My back is killing me....

So...here is the deal...I am taking a muscle relaxant, taking a hot bath, and giving the whining a rest!  I just had to get it out of my system.  So I will give up on the whining for today.  I cannot guarantee that I won't whine again at some point.

But for now...


Here is what I do know...complaining does not really help...BUMMER...


OK....We are halfway through week 17 people...I am considering some kind of hike for a mini-goal...something that presents a challenge but is doable!  Any suggestions??? 

Anyway...I am forging on...moving forward...still MAWA inspired...still  in awe of this JOURNEY and still Blessed!!!  Putting one foot front of the other...which leads me to our Christmas song for the day!!!


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