Monday, December 3, 2012

Counting Each Little Victory

Happy Monday to all...Well, my day started a little took me 2 HOURS to get work this morning...Ahhh Houston traffic on a Monday morning!!!  Gotta love it!!  I missed my Monday morning staff meeting!!!  So...I started the day feeling a little behind the 8 ball!  So...I sat down at my desk..put my Pandora station on Christmas music...and "hunkered down" for a busy day. I am terrible at being stressed!!!  I know this may surprise some you but...I am stress eater....HAHAHA...DUH!!!

 So starting a day off in a less than happy fashion  is a perfect opportunity for me to polish off some tasty morsel as an antidote to stress...HOWEVER...obviously,that is a behavior I am trying to change!  So today...was another little victory for me.  I did not cave to the stress in that unhealthy there is one in the win column for me.  Trust me, I am counting each little victory.  I am hoping that they all add up to 120lbs!!! 

So no stress eating and I managed to get in a decent workout too!!!  I  am still struggling with my schedule...getting home too late, eating too late...etc!  But, I am a work in progress I guess.  I know I say it a lot..but this Journey truly is about so much more than losing weight.  There is so much to accomplish.  I like the challenge though and doing it the way I am and all of the opportunities that I find myself having continues to amaze me everyday. 

God continues to Bless Me and I am hoping that I am able to pay that forward. 

So I am approaching Mini-goal #2...another 5K and I am hoping to shave some time off  of my personal best walking time of 59+ minutes...LOL!!!  I would like to knock that down a bit...without jogging...not ready to commit to running just yet.  I would like to lose at least 1/2 a super model before I undertake the whole running thing.  Trust knees are thanking me!!! 

I am pretty sure that tomorrow is the deadline for the Rudolph Run!  You don't want to miss it!!!! 

OK...that is it for me tonight.  Gearing up for Tuesday...Ready to conquer this goal!!! MAWA!!!!

Here is the Christmas song for the day!

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