Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ready to Rebuff the Fluff

Happy Sunday to all!!  I hope you all have had a joyful, restful, love packed day!  We have busy in the Patteson, groceries, tree decorating, Christmas program at the packed day!

I did not work out today..decided to rest up and get ready for next week.  Week #17 and I am ready to say goodbye to the 250's!!!  I am hoping that will be soon!!! 

Tonight we went to a church program that was all about celebrating Christmas with joy and comedy.  Given that humor and laughter are so important to me and is an important part of keeping this Journey interesting, fun and possible, I really enjoyed the idea of remembering to Celebrate the Season with humor!  I am a believer that God appreciates humor, creates it for that matter and KNOWS that I have survived many a day with humor and laughter!!!  There are many facets to the Christmas Season...many gifts given to us for a lifetime and JOY is definitely one of them for me!!  Here is a link to a promo video for the show we saw tonight...thought I would share!  Travis Crim is the guy that leads the group...He is a complete spaz and very funny!!!  If you ever have a chance to check him out...I would highly recommend it!

So we got our Christmas tree up and though we are not finished decorating the house...I thought I would include a few pics of our tree...We changed things up a bit this year!  Hope you enjoy!

Riley posed for me!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and are ready for Week 17...I am ready and STILL inspired...I am ready to Rebuff the Fluff!!!! 

Here is our Christmas Song for the day!!!!

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