Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hello is late Saturday (actually early Sunday Morning) and I am just posting...Believe it or not...I almost forgot!!!  First time that has happened! 

It has been a resting day for me!  I really needed it!  I decided that I would take today to try to recuperate from the week and try to enjoy myself and relax. 

Nothing too exciting to report...Mom and I did some Christmas shopping this evening...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!  I enjoyed spending time with my ToneTone and buying presents.FUN!  Other than that, I did an excellent impersonation of a couch potato!  You should see it!  Amazing...I may be one of the best couch potato impersonators on the planet!!! 

I did do one thing today that I have not done so far on this Journey!!  I tried on clothes in my closet that were a little snug...or just plain ole too small!! Some things fit now that did not a few months ago...a small victory of sorts!  I have a couple of things that I LOVE that still don't fit...I am hanging on to them and making them a MINI GOAL....I have one shirt in particular that my Mom bought me several years ago at Christmas that never fit...I actually think the size was incorrect on the shirt but I LOVED it and refused to take it back.  SO...That is going to officially be a MINI-GOAL #3!  Now, the shirt is still pretty I am giving myself 3 months to fit into it!!!  Tomorrow, I will post a picture of the shirt...and Officially begin the 3 month road to wearing that shirt out in public!!  Boy...I hope it fits...otherwise, I will look like a sausage in  public!!! 

So...another Mini-Goal is on the calendar.  There will be others....

Congratulations to the New Boston Lions and Wes and Wil Teague...They played a tough football game and WON!!!  They are now 12-0 and are advancing to the next round of the Texas High School State Championship Playoffs!!!  I got to listen to the game online AND got my own personal text play by play from Julie and Jeff!!!  Loved every minute of it...though I truly thought I was going to puke in the last few minutes of a very close game!!!  Wesley Teague got an interception late in the game that was a key to NB winning...Congrats WES!!!  Inspiring!!!!!  MAWA!!!

Tomorrow will be a fairly busy day...Church, a little shopping, groceries, laundry  and of course, a I decided to take Friday and Saturday off! 

I hope you all have a spectacular Sunday full of fun,family, love and Blessings!! 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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