Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Christmas Miracle

Happy Sunday Followers of the Fluff!  I hope all of you have had a marvelous day!  My day has been busy...Church, lunch, puppy rescue, a little Christmas shopping, walked a few miles, grocery shopping,cleaning, laundry...a  little football and MAN...the Fluffy Girl is ready to flop!  

Yes...I did say puppy after church, Tone Tone and I were headed to lunch...we got to  the restaurant and when I opened the car door, I heard this horrible screeching sort of sounded like a wounded goose...I quickly realized that it was a puppy!!!  Several people were trying to catch this puppy that could  not have been more than about 3 months old...He was wandering the parking lot.  So...I had to pitch in!!!  Every time any of us got a hand on him...He screamed...He  did not appear to be hurt...just horrified.  So here I am in my church clothes laid out in the parking lot trying to get this puppy from underneath a car...he even bit me a couple of times (too little to hurt).  FINALLY, one of the guys caught him. Once he got the puppy in his arms..the puppy stopped crying and was just shaking!!  Bless his little heart!  Here is the really cool thing....A Christmas Miracle of sorts...the guy that caught the puppy...his dog died last Saturday...and the puppy he found today...looked just like his dog that passed away!  I like to think that God had them cross paths they both can be happy!!!! 

So my workout today was a loooonnggg walk around the apartment community where I live...I waited until evening...put on my Pandora-Today's Hits Cardio workout and strutted around the apartments...I am not exactly sure how far I walked...but my pace has definitely picked up!!!!  Of course, the Rudolph Run is next Saturday morning, so I needed to get in a practice run (walk). 

OK....Today is the Official Start Date of Mini-Goal #3-Here is the shirt and I will wear this shirt in public on March 2, 2013 (or sooner) depending on my level of Fluffiness!! 


I am ready for week 17..Ready to continue this JOURNEY 120 "MAWA INSPIRED"...

For those of you playing along...Let's Go and Lose our Butts!!!! Literally!!!!  Watch out Monday...HERE I COME!!!

Christmas Song of the Day!

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