Tuesday, December 4, 2012

From a Heavy Weight to a Light Weight

Hi!  I hope all is well with all of you.  It is Tuesday evening and I have worked,worked out,ran a couple of errands and am hoping to get into bed earlier than has been the norm for me lately.  As I think we have established...I struggle with this whole Balance thing I keep harping on...So maybe if I keep talking about it...incessantly...maybe I will figure it out..THAT remains to be seen.  However, I am acutely aware that I have not been getting enough sleep and there are a bazillion studies out there that say that a lack of rest and high stress levels can cause weight gain.  WELL...there you go...I don't eat too much....I just need to relax and sleep more....HAHA!!! Why didn't somebody tell me that!!! 

  Seriously though, there really is so much more to this Journey than just choosing to eat healthier and workout...I cannot underestimate the impact that making all of these changes can have physically and emotionally...oh and don't forget spiritually...cause that is happening too!!!  It is like getting a complete renovation and not just a paint job!!!  So while I am definitely eating healthier and I am working hard to maintain a consistent workout schedule...I still have significant room for improvement in a few other areas. 

I want to take a quick minute to again thank you guys for the words of encouragement.  I would be lying if I said that I am fine doing this all by myself....I think we all know that is not true.  One of my college roomie's sent me a wonderful message via Facebook this week.  She reminded me that she and I have been friends for close to 27 years...Which is odd...because both of us are only in our early 20's...as far as you know!   She let me know that she is in my corner...I like the visual of  that.  I like the visual of me fighting to lose this weight...punching my way through the obstacles (most of which I have created personally) and constantly moving my feet...jabbing and ducking...but always moving.  I like the visual of at the end of each round coming back to my corner to rest and having somebody there that I trust, that is there to help me, encourage me, challenge me...and possibly bust out the smelling salts if need be!!!  LOL!!!  OK...so I may have overdone the whole boxing/sports analogy...but it truly does feel like a fight and I am trying to drop a couple of weight classes...You know...drop down from a heavy weight to a light weight...Let's Get Ready To Rumble....

So thanks Marian (Worm).  You are a blessing and I am blessed. 

WE are heading into Wednesday!!!!  Let's GO!!! MAWA!!!

Here is the Christmas song for the day!



More Inspiration!!!


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