Monday, December 10, 2012

Tell the Truth and Hope for the Best

"Monday, good to me" ...OK...The Mama's and The Pappa's might have thought so...but traditionally that has not been my experience!! HAHA!  Actually, it really has been a decent day for a Monday!!!  It was quite Chilly Burrr outside this morning.  LOVE IT!!!  Finally feels a bit like Christmas weather. 

So there is a phrase about Truth that I find CAN be true sometimes...Truth hurts...though for me, lying always seem to hurt worse!  Now I don't know about you...but most people I know have told a little lie or two in their lifetime.  I have certainly stretched the truth before...yep it's true!!! I am guilty of not telling The Whole truth and nothin' but the Truth from time to time!  When I decided to start writing this blog... I knew that telling the "whole" truth would be a challenge...not because I like to lie...but because sometimes the Truth Hurts!  I wish I could tell you that I am one of those people who does not care what other people think...but I would be lying!  Now...let me clarify...I am not necessarily concerned  with what EVERYONE thinks of me..but generally speaking...I care!

So...I was having a conversation with my Mom and Donna Friday night.  Those two usually get the "rawest" version of me.  They are more likely to see me at my worst (and sometimes my best)...more so than most!  So Friday night, I am telling them that I have been experiencing some not so positive things lately physically...quite a bit of joint and muscle pain and insomnia...I tell them I am hesitant to share too many details in this blog for fear of people thinking that I am somehow not grateful,  or happy, or strong or whatever it is I am supposed to be...when Donna says...( para-phrasing) You know other people reading this may be experiencing the same sharing your struggles might be supportive to them. 

So though I do not want this blog to become further documentation of some of my long-standing medical woes...I do want to be truthful about this process in hopes that it not only supports me in taking on this Journey in a truthful, real, honest way...but allows others to see that though the Truth sometimes hurts and the Truth can be ugly...It is so much healthier to tell the Truth and hope for the best.

So now that the Lesson in Truth Telling has concluded...LOL!!!  Let me kick things off by saying...Today, I AM HUNGRY!!!!  All DAY!  I have had 14 gallons of water (slight exaggeration), I have had healthy snacks..blah, blah, blah...and Bottom Line...I am soooo struggling today.  Not much else to say about it!!

So...on that note...I am leaving work and heading to the gym!  Drivers beware...The Hungry Fluffy Girl is getting behind the wheel!!!!  Save Yourself and Clear the AREA!!!

On a slightly serious note...prayers are appreciated for the strength, faith and courage to continue to Walk this path with Purpose, Confidence and Courage!!!!

I "borrowed" this from my friend Margaret's FB page...Loved it and thought I would share!

I am Willing....

Here is our Christmas music selection for today!  Enjoy!

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  1. Well praying for you. THIS IS a tough time of year to be dieting. But I personally think you are doing GREAT. Keep asking God to help you to overcome getting discouraged. Love ya Barb.