Friday, December 28, 2012

Weigh In #19-Still Forging On

Hi!  Happy Friday to all. I expected...I gained weight this week.  Now I must say...the "as I expected part" is only partially true.  I DID expect to gain weight...but not because I pigged out over the Christmas break!  No...I expected it because that is just what seems to happen if I eat anything beyond my normal regimen (for the last 4 months). 
Quite frankly, I am disappointed (again).  I really did not eat much or anything profoundly out of line.  But I have always said...I can look at fattening food and gain weight.  Apparently, that is true! 

Despite my disappointment over the last few weeks...I do not feel deterred!  Actually, I am feeling a bit angry!  That could be contributed to my middle-aged hormones or to my competitive personality traits...regardless, it may NOT be a bad thing.  Though I am sure there are millions of articles out there decrying the use of anger as a motivator...I find that sometimes I get so much more done when I am a little bit angry!!! Not too angry...then I become a big, fluffy, blustery, mess!!!  NO..just a bit of anger...or maybe frustration is a better word.  It sort of feels like my body is saying this cannot be done.  That this goal is too lofty and not attainable...but my mind says...Slow your roll...I CAN do this and you are not woman enough to stop me!!!!  This dialogue between brain and body either indicates thetypical human inner struggle or I have lost my freakin mind!!!  THAT remains to be seen!!

So here I am at Weigh In #19 and I basically have 7.5 months to lose roughly 90lbs.  That is a lot!!!  I knew when I started this that there would be days that this would seem impossible or at the very least, improbable.  I vowed to be honest and to use this blog as a true documentation of this Journey (within reason).  I am still willing to do that.  Today I need to say out loud that though this is not going perfect to plan, I know that nothing bad can come from doing my best, working hard and telling the truth.  So...though I am not deterred...I am needing a boost.  I will spend the next few days thinking about what that might look like for me.  I think I will get another "physical" mini-goal on the books and I will continue to find ways to keep Forging ON!!! 

As I write, I often think...Wow...I have said all this before!  My guess is that I will say it as many times as I need to in order to continue moving forward...So it may not always be the best read...and it may just need to be what it is!!! It is what it is!!!  (Tone Tone loves this phrase--not really).

So I will keep writing...I hope you all can bear with me and keep reading!  Your words of encouragement are needed...a life line for me!  I struggle with asking for help...always just know that your feedback, suggestions, funny thoughts, smiley faces, etc...those are helpful and much appreciated.

So for those of you that do not know...I HAVE ANOTHER COLD...Alert the MEDIA!!!  The whining has begun...Yes...I am afraid it is true.  I will be complaining profusely for at least the next 24 hours!

Lindsey sent me this via email.  This is an interval treadmill workout (running).  Of course, I will have to try it walking first!  We must walk before we run!!!!  Fluffy Girl Rule!

Treadmill workout--said it will flatten your belly, slim your thighs, and firm your butt in 2 weeks.  (This is a blurb from Pinterest, not me J)

She also sent me this...I like it!!!

On that note, I must go!  I am including the lyrics and You Tube video of a song that I posted a few weeks ago...that I need to post again.

You said don't worry bout your future daughter
Just think about the things that matter
So I wont magnify the small things anymore
I'll only glorify the father

Cause you hold me still
Even when the waves around begin to build
Im in your hand though sometimes it's hard to stand
Cause you have my heart and you
Hold it still

So don't involve yourself in useless chatter
Just talk about the things that matter
And when you feel the world around you shatter
Just lift your eyes up to the father

And he'll hold you still
Even when the waves around begin to build
You're in his hand though sometimes its hard to stand
Give him your heart

And he'll hold you still




And he'll hold you still
Even when the waves around begin to build
You're in his hand though sometimes its hard to stand
Give him your heart
And he'll hold you still

I'm not afraid
Hold me still

Forever Jones

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  1. Here's one I'm going to try.....starting Jan 2, to get myself ready for the task......called the 8 hour diet....I know diets really aren't that great; however, this is not so much a diet (like WHAT you eat) more as a way of eating..... most anything you want (within reason) for 8 hours...I'm going to try 9 to if you do some exercises before eating your first meal....then stop eating after 8 mas! I don't know if that can work with your diabetes? I'll let you know in about two weeks if it works for me?

    I still predict....that you will eventually have a more significant weekly weight loss!! Hang in there my dear. Your body is most likely still in the "is she trying to starve me shut down mode" A.C.