Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and the Ticker Test

Well it was back to work today...back to life...back to reality...I love that song!  Anyway, I really enjoyed the 4 day weekend and was prepared to get back in the groove. 
I left work @ 5:00ish and headed to the gym.  My workout was sluggish! I told my Mom that it physically felt like my 1st week of working out!  Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that I am getting another cold!!  This may be the reason I felt I was peddling in sludge!
BUT...I completed my work out! Now I am couched and in need of a bit of rest. 
Tomorrow (bright and early), I have to be at the hospital for my "nuclear" stress test.  Still a little concerned about the whole “nuclear" thing...I can hear it now...after the test..."well hello lovely to see are just glowing!  Ha!  BUT....I have to get the ticker tested!!

Seriously, if you guys have a few moments, a prayer for a positive experience would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, I will get a "glowing" report...hehehe!

Also, could you include Donna's Mom  in your nightly prayers.  She is in ICU and could use our prayers.  Thank you.

I am going to turn in early tonight.  I think some rest will help rejuvenate my ole body.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your prayers!

Goodnight and MAWA!

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