Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who Are You and What Have You Done with ME!

Hi there...I hope everyone is well.  It has been a long day!  I continue to struggle with a back, I am not going to whine about it!  ;).  But it has put a damper on my workout plans for tonight.  I am choosing to give the ole body a rest tonight so that I don't derail this process.  But here is the funny thing for me.  I really DON'T want to take the night off. 

These are the moments that I think "WHO ARE YOU and what have you done with ME???"  I mean less than 4 months could not have convinced me to even get off the couch...unless I was going out to eat!!!  Kidding...but I really would have told you that I could not exercise...I would have told you that I was absolutely unable to do the exercise I needed to do in order to get healthy.  And I believed that to be true until mid August...when suddenly I had the inspiration, the motivation and the inclination to actually tackle this challenge.  This is why I know it was a God really just happened in a matter of days. 

Now granted, I had been sick for a LONG time and I was truly tired of it and had begun to try to imagine what my life might be like if I remained ill for the long term.  Sobering Thought! I truly am not somebody that worries about getting older typically....quite possibly because I still think I am a kid in many ways...I DO like to make self deprecating jokes about my age...of course...never miss an opportunity to do that!!! But really...deep down inside I don't typically think...Holy crap...I am old!!! 

However, I began to do the to speak.  I realized that all of the family health problems, the genetic AND habit related health problems were happening earlier for me!  My grandmother, uncle and mother were all diagnosed with Diabetes in the 50's....I was diagnosed in my 40's...I began taking blood pressure medicine earlier than they did...AND to add insult to injury...I had health problems that they never had or have to this day.  But believe it or not...even knowing all of that...I still thought that given the way I felt...there was no possible way I could overcome some of these health problems. 

Here is the reality today....almost 4 months into this Journey.  My insulin dosage has decreased, my blood pressure has improved  (though I am still on medication and most likely will be for a while), I AM able to exercise and is not always pleasant or easy...but it is doable.  So far this Journey has not gone perfectly (in my opinion).  I am really not losing weight at the rate I would have liked so far...but I have to trust that God's plan is perfect.  I can, with complete confidence, tell you that MY plans are NEVER perfect...So I am leaving the planning to God. 

I will have to continue to trust God's plan...Follow His lead and have the Faith to believe I can...that is why I call this a Challenge...I am so not good at any of these things far- so good. 

Here is what I know...I would not be able to do this today had it not been for all of the God moments, the not so coincidental coincidences, the chance meetings, the thoughtful conversations, the unconditional love, the peaks and valleys, the painful moments, the hours of laughter, the devoted family and remarkable friends! 

If nothing else is conveyed in my my daily ramblings filled with goofy jokes, quotes by smarter people than me, my love of music and my waxing is this ONE thing...God is the LEADER of this Journey and with HIM I can do anything and so can you!  I will need to be reminded of this I am sure...

Given that it is Christmas time...I am reminded that not all people feel blessed and many struggle to survive in these difficult times.  I am always reminded that I have to step up and help out in any way I can...Give back the Blessings I have received.  I want to become a person who does that year round. 

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year.” ~Charles Dickens

"If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded." ~Maya Angelou

Here is the Christmas song for the Day!

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