Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ready for Next Right Step

Early post today...Posting at lunch...Good news though...I do not have time to ramble aimlessly...You can thank me later! tomorrow is Weigh In #28 and the end of the 3rd week of the Cleanse.  The fourth and final week of the cleanse will be the beginning of integrating fats and carbs back in to my diet...not too many of course.  But, with the addition of carbs, I can begin to again, increase the intensity of my workouts.  I really want to hit it hard the next few months (within reason) and push hard for this goal. 

My next Mini-Goal is one week from tomorrow...Enchanted Rock!  I hope they are ready for the newly cleansed Fluffy Girl!!!  I am planning on kicking some big pink granite butt!!!  Plus, I am really looking forward to getting away for the weekend.  I have next Friday off so that we can enjoy the drive and not have to rush to get to the park on Saturday!  It will be fun! 

SO...I have a challenge for all of you...and I do mean ALL of you!!!  I desperately need more ideas for a physical challenge MINI-GOAL for April.  I would like to do something outdoors...while the weather is still manageable here in Houston area.  I don't mind going to Austin...or surrounding areas for the challenge.  If you have an idea...please send it to me...You can comment here or email me at
 Tonight I am back to walking...I am still INSPIRED...So Grateful...So Amazingly Blessed and Ready for the Next Right Step! 

MAWA Inspired!!! God Inspired!  LOVE Inspired!!!

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