Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Special Sunday

Happy very late Sunday! 

It has been another jam packed day!  This was a special day in the life of my Sweet Emily.  She was baptized today.  She was quite nervous...mostly about having to be in front of such a large crowd of people.  She was baptized/confirmed along with 70+ other 6th graders today.  Several of us stood with her as she was baptized...Her Mom and Dad, Tone Tone and I, uncle, aunt and cousins...8 of us total...proudly stood with her! 

To celebrate her confirmation...Mom and I gave her a cross necklace and a copy of a great daily devotional-Jesus Calling for Kids! 

Afterwards..Tone Tone, Emily and I had lunch and then Em and I spent the rest of the day together.  It was a good day.  It was a Special Day!

I must acknowledge though that mixed in with the celebration of Emily's confirmation, Donna and her family are dealing with the illness of Donna's 30 year old niece who is battling an aggressive breast cancer.  She has a young son and it is a profoundly difficult situation for all involved.  I was a aware today that joy and sadness can sometimes co-exist in close quarters.  It makes life difficult at times.  The sadness around me was palpable and the celebration continued.  I was proud of Emily for working through her fear of being "seen" by so many in such a vulnerable moment and was truly moved by the adults supporting her despite their own pain and sadness.  The one thing I was sure of though...was that God was right there...for everyone involved...even given the wide spectrum of emotions being felt.

So I begin the Cleanse tomorrow.  I am ready and a little relieved that for the next 4 weeks...I know exactly what to much and that my grocery shopping will be greatly simplified.  I live in the grocery simplifying that process doesn't suck!!! 

Though buying smaller Fluffy Girl workout clothes yesterday was a big ego boost!!!  I am really praying for some good results from this cleanse and am  hoping that this provides the same kind of energy and weight loss boost that I need. 

I hope you all have a great week full of many blessings, healthy living and tons of love and laughter! 



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