Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It Takes a Village

Good Evening!!!  Another late night!!!  Today was a busy, productive day ending with a Play it Forward planning committee meeting!

We are busily planning and preparing this event!  Lots and lots to do!  But there is something so energizing about bouncing ideas off of other people in a group!  It is pretty cool to watch the creative process!  I must confess though...WOW...do we have a lot to do!  The good news is that it stills like the exact right thing to do! 

We have received our first donations (a total of $750.00) and already have some silent auction items! 

We are in need of lots more though...

These causes are important to me because I believe that in order to grow a healthy child...there has to be a healthy environment, healthy activities, healthy choices available and healthy influences.  I think to myself...these kids really will be adults someday soon and I completely buy in to the idea that It Takes a Village to Raise a Child...I further believe that I have a responsibility to "mirror" the Grace and Love God has shown to me through many different avenues!  My family, My friends, My teachers, My co-workers, My church...even through the acts of total strangers.  If I keep my eyes, mind and heart open...God's Love and Grace are all around me! 

Here is something else that I believe...It Takes a Village to De-Fluff a Fluffy Girl!  Without the love and support of all of you...this Journey would not happen!  That is 100% true for me!  So Thank You!

The next few months are crucial for me along this Journey...I have to sustain my intensity and will need to draw on God's strength and your support if I am going to Forge On and finally meet my goal.  I must stay focused on the things that will keep me on the path to further becoming the best person I can be!

So please keep me in your prayers...you are always in mine!


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