Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another Small Victory

Hi there...Tone Tone and I are in the New Orleans area...after a long drive...complete with insane traffic and some heavy thunderstorms...but we arrived safely!

Tomorrow I am helping out a friend and then we will spend some fun time in New Orleans.

This will provide a few food challenges....The food in New Orleans is some of my favorite and miles away from healthy...BUT...I am determined to avoid crawfish etouffee from The Gumbo Shop, Aunt Sally's pralines or Beignets from Cafe Du Monde. 

No Bloody Marys, Oysters Rockefeller or amazing french bread!!

New Orleans is a crack house for food junkies....and crack is whack!
So I will get to practice the habits I have been building over the past 9 months!

But...I will continue to learn how to do the things I love without food being the center of attention.

It may sound odd...but it is a very real problem! It is a challenge to conquer with grace...

I did have a fun experience today...I bought 2 shirts from Old Navy....NOT a shop for large sizes...just a store...kinda cool! Another small Victory...but they are starting to add up!!

Sweet Dreams...and Good Night!

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  1. New Orleans and Diet....two things that "cannot" be said in the same sentence.....but YOU, with your determination, can DO it!! Have a fun, safe trip. A.C.