Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Complicated Fathers Day

Happy Sunday and Happy Fathers Day!  I hope this day is filled with great fun, love and happy moments with Dads and great memories!

Today is an odd day for me.  Running the risk over disclosing, I will say that I have no memory of celebrating Fathers Day. 
I am sure that early in my life I did...but I just don't remember.
My relationship with my father was damaged very early in my life and I do not have a relationship with him as an adult. 
That is the way it has to be...that may sound harsh...but for me...not having my father in my life was the 1st life changing...God driven decision I have a memory of making for myself.  Trust is,a long, complicated history...but I knew as a child....just as I know now, that ultimately, a greater source of strength would see me through.  I did not have the words at an early age...and at times, do not have them now.
But what I do know now is that I do have a glorious Father and that His influence is interwoven throughout the fabric that is my life...even the ugly, mismatched patches that are often so readily visible.

I also know that I have had the amazing influence of several strong women....including my mother...who picked up the ball that my father dropped and ran with it!

So here are the Blessings on this day...I have a strong family that teaches me daily about love, loyalty, confidence and Faith.  I have the privilege of knowing many amazing Dads, I am a healthier, happier, stronger adult because I was given the choice to not be in a toxic relationship at an early age. And I have a relationship with my ultimate Father.

All of the above...has provided the strength I need to take this Journey head on and trust that I have all that I need to suceed.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads and to my #COMBOMOM. 

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