Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Answering God's Knock

Day 2 of the Cleanse...has been a doozie!!!  OK...So I just did this 6 months ago (not even) however, I struggled today!  First, I left the house without my shake (primary source of protein for the day)...Which a HUGE mistake.  I have been hungry ALL Day as a consequence of my frazzled morning. 

You know those days where things just start off a little off...Well that was today!  For those of you that live in the Houston area...I work in Bellaire and have to travel through the Galleria area everyday on my way to work...and traffic is typically bad.  Today, as a special treat, a tanker truck driver practically drove his truck off the exit ramp (the elevated exit ramp) from the West Loop to US 59...spilling some kind of fuel in the process and thusly shutting down one of the busiest interchanges in the nation...ALL DAY...and making it virtually impossible for me and thousands of other worker bees to get to our offices and cubicles alike!!!

So here is the scenario...One 46 year old, very hungry, Fluffy Girl...driving a car among thousands of frustrated drivers via every alternate route possible.  Let me revise that...One 46 year old, HOR"MEAN"AL, very hungry Fluffy Girl with a caffeine detox headache!  We are talking a high risk situation...BUT...I made it to the office without any major negative events..no road rage, no crying...I did eat the grapes out of my lunch though!!!  Total drive time this morning: One Hour and 45 minutes!  Good Times....Good Times....

So all day..I was just a little off...a little "off my axis".  I fought the whole hunger thing all day...I was busy at work and for fun...I knew that I had a very similar commute back home. 

But you know what...I made it through the day...I prayed on my way in this morning that God would grant me patience and all the courage I would need to get through Day 2 of this challenging but rewarding process.  I reminded myself that I successfully completed this cleanse at the beginning of the year and  that I felt great for having gone through it! 

I stayed focused on the good parts of the day:  I did not EAT anything I was not supposed to...I did not die of hunger and on my way home...I had a nice conversation with my pal Lindsey, got the following message from my friend Brigette:

Hey, I did the math...you have lost 1.238095238095238 POUNDS PER WEEK EVERY WEEK FOR 42 WEEKS STRAIGHT!!!!!!! Shut up! That is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)

I completed a 1.8 mile walk, grabbed some produce from the grocery store and made it home alive and kickin'...OK...maybe I was not exactly Kicking..but hey...I walked in without tripping!!!

But...before I made it home...right before I gathered the rest of my depleted energy up to carry in the world's heaviest watermelon (not really)...I got a text from a friend.  She was sharing something that her 21 year old son sent to the family earlier in the evening.  He sent the following segment from a book called Moments of a Savior by Ken Gire.  His description of the book is that it is "absolutely mind blowing and heart breaking and God-glorifying."  Again...he is just 21! 

Here is the quote:

"And for those times when you (God) yearn for my fellowship and stand at the door and knock, grant me a special sensitivity to the sound of that knock so I may be quick to my feet.  Keep me from letting you stand out in the cold."

 I can get lost in so many other sounds...mostly the sound of my own voice...Today...I for a while,  got lost in the sound of traffic, honking horns, deadlines, business sounds, life sounds...I got lost in the sounds of hunger!

I will pray for the ability to hear that knock...I will pray for that"special sensitivity"to that sound...the sound of the knock of God asking me for some time...time to be in fellowship with Him.

Here is what is true for me...I am pretty confident that I have missed God's knock many times over...I also know that when I hear the knock and answer...that moment is amazing...I want more of those moments. 

This Journey is about a lot of things!  It started as a Journey about losing weight and getting healthy and it still is...After reading the above quote..I know that this Journey is also about listening for God's Knock and quickly moving my feet to answer the door!

So...again I am blessed by those people that God has placed in my life...Goodnight!

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