Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clear Path Paved with God's Grace

Good late evening to all of  you...It has been another eventful, glorious, busy, challenged filled, victorious day in this Journey to lose 120lbs!!!!

We are making strides in our efforts to gather donations, silent auction items and services needed for our Play It Forward-Rally To Serve Event!!!  We managed to figure out our printing needs!!!  YAY!!  That was a big deal! 

We still are in need of auction items, contacts for businesses that may wish to donate or be a part of our event in some way.  We are looking for sponsors and we need volunteers to work the event as well! 

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! 

Also...I am looking for volleyball players...If you, your kids, grand kids, friends, neighbors, etc...would like to join us for a FUN volleyball tournament you can send an email to:

The registration fee is $15.00 per person and will include a t-shirt!  Of course, all proceeds will go to both CY-Hope and Good Tidings Foundation. 

All skill levels can play and you do not have to have a team.  We will assign teams if needed.  This event is all about overcoming challenges, giving back to our communities and loving life! 

WE NOW (PLAY IT FORWARD-RALLY TO SERVE) HAVE OUR OWN FACEBOOK PAGE!!!!  Thanks to Lindsey, we are set up and ready to please go check it out..."LIKE" us and please SHARE it with your friends and families.

Part of my day was spent planning a time for climbing THE DUNE with Kerri Walsh...We reached an agreed time to meet...So...if you think of it..Please say a prayer for me at 11:30 AM on Saturday July 6th as I will be motoring up a giant sand dune with a 3 - Time Olympic Gold Medalist...Did I mention she has won 3 GOLD Medals over a 12 year period...seriously...she is a beast!!!

Of course...I did win 6 blue ribbons and 1 red ribbon at my 4th grade Field Day at Lakeland Elementary...just sayin'!

Seriously though, I was excited at the thought of actually climbing this Dune before I knew I would be meeting Kerri Walsh...NOW...I am beyond thrilled and truthfully...a little horrified. 

My biggest fear is that she is going to talk as we climb...and I can promise you...I will be sucking wind...and unable to communicate well!!!!  But I can't wait to talk to her face to face....she has provided so much inspiration and encouragement for me along this Journey...and I really want to say that to her face!!!

Tonight...I am again exhausted...but so clear that this Journey is on the right track...on a clear path paved with God's Grace!!!  I am blessed.

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