Thursday, June 6, 2013

Climbing TX Hills-Prepping For CALI DUNES

The Fluffy Girl is on a Mini-Vacay!!

Mom, Donna, Emily, Riley, Riley (the dog) & I...headed out today for the lake in Palestine, TX. 

We got a late surprise...We grabbed lunch...dry, grilled chicken salad for me! We stopped at a really cute store in Trinity, Tx...and then got in one of the worst thunder storms I have driven through in years... Complete with golf ball size hail and a funnel cloud!!
I was seriously stressed out! 

We finally arrived safely and I have a few more gray hairs to show for it!
Posting this weekend is going to be a challenge as I have lousy connectivity!!

So...short post tonight...before I go, I must confess...I am really struggling with this cleanse...really struggling! So I need extra prayers...if you have any to spare!

Today...I did a short hill workout...tomorrow I will be climbing TX hills prepping for Cali Dunes....I got a looong way to go!

Just thinking tonight that Life is very valuable...My hope for all of you is that you know how valuable and precious you are and that you tell those you love how precious they are to you...everyday!


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  1. Prayers, positive energy and lots and lots of love directed your way! <3, P