Monday, June 17, 2013

Keeping the Hills in Perspective

Hello there...I am sitting in gym...just finished a fairly difficult workout ( I think)...which brings me to my topic tonight....I have had days on this Journey when I feel like I don't know if I am "doing it right"....I actually hear a line from one of my favorite movies....Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton....circa early 1980' my head!  YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! 

I just have those days when what feels like my best effort just isn't quite cutting it!

I am not discouraged...just tired...if I am being honest!  So today...I am suiting up, showing up and hoping for the best...trying to not take myself too seriously!!

I am very aware of how busy I am and I am really making an effort to disengage my brain, stay in prayer and not forget to breathe!!  Yes....I do actually forget to breathe when I am in stress or when I am in pain!! 

I am in an uphill motion I am walking uphill in deep sand....OHHH THE IRONY!  In three weeks, I WILL be walking uphill in deep sand!  So I guess this is a good training day....:)

So....I am asking for prayers...prayers that I keep the Hills in perspective and don't make mountains out of them! Prayers that I hear God's voice over the dull roar of my own and prayers that I trust that God's plan is truly perfect!


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  1. Monday was just a molehill compared to the sand dune mountain (which will also become a molehill after you climb it)! I was trying to sound philosophical, which normally sounds better in my head :)