Friday, June 14, 2013

LOL's, OMG's and Emoticons...OH MY!

Wow...TGIF...It has been one seriously busy week and this girl is ready for a weekend.

Today...I chose again not to weigh in.  I decided to weigh in at the end of the Cleanse.  I thought it would be more fun (or not) to see my progress at the end of the 28, I needed to stop focusing on the scale so much.  It was really getting to be a time of stress for me! 

Once the cleanse is finished, I will re-evaluate how I will do my weigh-ins. 

I chose to take a couple of days off from working out and will be hitting it hard this weekend.  I was going to do some outdoor training...HOWEVER...Because I live in a Purgatory-like climate...I will most likely be working out INDOORS!!

I had kind of an unusual experience after work this evening.  I attended the funeral of someone that I did not know.  I know that sounds odd..but I went with Donna to the funeral of one of her long time colleagues.  I just went to support her...and left reminded that we are all important to someone...or to several someones and most importantly, we are all valuable in God's eyes.  Despite not knowing the gentleman that passed away, it was abundantly clear that he had a major impact on his family, friends and co-workers.  I learned that he was funny, loved football, loved his family, would tell it like it is and had a wonderfully infectious smile.  I learned all of that in less than one hour. 

It made me think of how many people I meet...just in passing or people that just exist on the peripheral edges of my life...How many of those people would I know so much better if I had (or took) the opportunity to listen to their stories told from the perspective of those that love them most.  How much more would I know if I just listened a little closer, talked a little less and remembered that they too were born a Child of God. 

I came across this today and shared with a friend in an email....I decided to share it here too!

Lately, I have been aware that so much of my communication is via email, text, Facebook, Twitter...etc...I do love that my friends and family are so much more readily accessible in today's technologically advanced culture...But for me, there is something so important about seeing people...looking in their eyes, hearing their laugh, sharing the same space with them...actually being able to hug them Hello and Goodbye! 

In a world filled with LOL's, WTH's and OMG's where emoticons are used to express every human emotion...I relish the moments that I actually get to share a laugh, a hug, a high hive...even a tear. 

Though I love the written word....a conversation, an outward, verbal expression is divine! 

Again...God has reminded me that Life is Precious! 

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