Monday, June 3, 2013

The Journey Continues

HI...It is Monday!!!  I was standing in my driveway last night talking to a neighbor.  She said to me..."Has it been 9 months since you started this Journey"...I casually answered, Yes. 

During my drive to work this time when I do a lot of praying and thinking...It suddenly hit me...9 months!!! It has been 9 months since I wrote my first blog post indicating my intentions...My intent to change my life...NO biggie!!  LOL! 

During my reflection this morning, I realized that I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around all of the things that have changed...all of the experiences I have had, all of the moments I have been blessed by God, and all of the victories both big and small! 

It made me think that I often use words like battle, challenge, overcome, struggle...I suppose that is true for me...I have battled, struggled through challenges, fought to overcome, etc...but with those things come words like victory, success, strength, courage, faith...and I have used those words along this Journey as well.  Though I have admitted that I am certainly not where I thought I would be in terms of weight loss, it has been a much slower process than I planned on...I am also not where I thought I would be in terms of lessons learned, new experiences, growth in my Faith, blessings received, friends made, love received...I am well beyond any goal I could have set or any amount I could have imagined!! 

God has provided a path for me that has led me up, over and through the challenges, through the battles and He has given me renewed strength, tremendous love and moments of victory that far surpasses losing pounds! 

There will be more challenges...more opportunities for growth and more opportunities to shed the old, the things that weigh me down, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I know it will continue to be a roller coaster ride.  I know that I will continue to "feel" all the ups and downs.  But I must tell you...9 months in...I would not change much! 

So having said the above...As I approach the last few months of this I have an opportunity to make a few dreams come true, climb a few more obstacles, give some of my time, heart and faith back and continue to make every effort to add healthy balance to my life...I am aware of something...something that I am choosing to "officially" address....

This Journey will continue beyond this year...this scheduled 12 months of change...This Journey will continue and so will this blog...until I lose my original goal of 120lbs!  It is important for me to see this through to the completion of my original goal.  I will need all the support, accountability, wisdom and guidance I can get. 

Trust me when I say...that anything that I have accomplished so far...anything I have fought and won against...was because I have wonderful support, amazing love and have had the accountability I needed from all of the amazing people who are in my life...if even for a moment.

So I am ready for the last 3 months of the 1st year of this journey!  The Life of the Fluffy Girl and my Fight to Light will continue. 

I am hoping that you guys will hang in there with me!  I know that a daily blog can be quite tedious and I certainly know that I repeat myself (often)...but any time you have to give...any words of wisdom and encouragement are appreciated.  Your thoughts, suggestions, tips, recipes, quotes, funny thoughts are invaluable!!!

So...hang on...the Journey Continues!!!!

“Wouldn't take nothing for my journey now.”
Maya Angelou


  1. You are simply amazing! Please keep sharing your journey with us.

  2. Thank you so much Kat! I appreciate the support!!!