Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stress Less...Trust More...Train Harder...Climb Higher

Well...I got some rest today!  I needed to replenish the body and rest my mind!

This was a day to just hang out!  I slept in...ate a very late lunch...did a little shopping...worked out...did a little more shopping...had a light dinner and now...I am ready to sleep again!!! 

Again....lots going on in my brain. mind has largely been on how to make the Play It Forward...Rally to Serve event successful.  There is still so much to do and time is ticking away quickly.  I know that I need to keep my focus on the purpose of this give back to my community and the greater community of children that do not have the opportunity to lead a healthy, happy life.

I need to remember that this Journey is God Driven and so is this event.  I am just a conduit!  I need to keep my focus on God's Plan and the purpose of this event will be fulfilled. 

I am excited about the event and nervous too!!!  So I am asking for prayers that each decision made is in line with God's plan and that everyone involved is blessed by the experience.

Tomorrow is Church...and more planning...more training for The Dune and preparing for the start of another wonderful week in this Journey to Light!!!

My goal for tomorrow is to Stress Less...Trust More...Train harder and Climb Higher!!!  In EVERY THING I DO!!!

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

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