Saturday, June 1, 2013

Losing Inches and Workin' It

Hello...and a good late Saturday evening to you!!!  Today has been great...caught a Little League baseball game at Noon (Jackson-my Co-Worker Matt's 8th grade son)...Got sunburned...NO KIDDING!  Completely roasted in 1.5 hours at the ball park!  Cra Cra!!!

Picked up Tone Tone for lunch...and we SHOPPED.  I bought new workout clothes...4 sizes smaller (pants) than I started with in August of 2012.  I needed that boost!!!  Can you say:

I was pumped!!!  I am wearing sizes I have not worn since I was in my 20's...Yee HAW!!!  I bought 3 pair of new gym pants, a new outfit for Cali, new tank tops (yes, I am even going to let people see my flappy arms)...New work shirts...My shirts are 2 sizes smaller!  The "girls" are keeping me from dropping shirt sizes too quickly!  But I AM making progress..even when I don't see it!

I bought new shoes, new makeup...OOOOH...I am going to be workin' it!!!  You know what I'm
It has been a great, shopping, time with my Tone Tone, a good, busy stress...just fun!
I am ready for some couch time and then Nite Nite!!! 
Tomorrow is a big day.  Emily will be Confirmed tomorrow.  She has been in confirmation class for the past 9 months and tomorrow she will be baptized and confirmed.  I think she is nervous but I told her that she is building a foundation with God and as she grows and matures...she will have a deeper understanding of her relationship with God...Tomorrow she is pouring the foundation and setting the framework for a lifetime relationship!  I pray that made sense to her but I know her heart and I know God will guide her! 
So please keep her in your prayers tomorrow. 
Here is to a Sunday full of great love and Blessings.

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