Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Unexpected Mini Goal

So last night...I did something that I truly don't think I ever thought I would do....I played 1.5 hours of beach volleyball (sand courts at Third Coast Volleyball in Houston)...I REALLY played...well at least to the best of my current ability! 

My co-worker Gavin (a Cali Guy) has been playing league ball there for several years and he invited to come watch his game (at 9:30 PM) and then said we would play some pick up games afterwards.  I got home at 1:30 AM and was covered head to toe in sand...largely because I dove, fell, rolled and flailed in the sand! was one of the most physical workouts I have had and certainly one of the most fun workouts I have along this Journey.

Here is the cool thing though...I did it!  I mean I actually played! It is definitely a different animal than court volleyball and certainly moving around quickly is challenging enough without being in ankle deep sand...but you know, I managed to hang in there...even made a few good plays.  At times, I felt like my legs were going to fall off and at times I was completely exhilarated! Not to mention...I am confident saying I was the oldest chick on the court!

I sent Kerri Walsh a message telling her about the evening and I said that I played 1.5 hrs of 4's...not too bad for an old fluffy girl...She wrote back...Not bad in general and enough of that old/fluffy stuff!!!  She is so very sweet!!! 

As you might guess...I have discovered that I have muscles that I have not used in quite some time...and they are now protesting heavily!  I am seriously sore today!!!!  But feeling quite inspired by the feeling of accomplishment! 

I am feeling like a regular Beach Babe!

This feels like I completed the Unexpected Mini-Goal.  I had no intention of playing with the energy and effort I played last night...mainly because I did not think I was capable of it!!!  So that is what makes the accomplishment so great for me...I did not think it was even possible.
I received the following from one of a fellow "twitterer" today!  I really like it and it very much fits my need for perspective!!!  Thanks Deanna
It's not about who wins or who is the most successful; it's about how much progress you make."

Every single day on this Journey is about progress...Last night was a gift...a butt busting gift...but a gift nonetheless.  And wrapped in that gift were several others...I got to surprise myself...More words of wisdom from Kerri Walsh...she told me to be nice to myself...the way we speak to ourselves is so opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and learning that I am capable of way more than I think that I am...I got all of that in a couple hours...not bad for a Wednesday night!

So today...has been a busy day...I am really keeping this event and the rest of this Journey in my prayers and I hope you will do the same.

God Bless You and Goodnight!


  1. Wow, I'm proud of you, and maybe a teeny bit jealous :0.