Monday, June 10, 2013

Not All Victories Show Up on the Scale

It is MONDAY...I am back at work after a few days off and am quite busy...which is good!  I am posting before heading to the that I can go home and crash!!!  Vacation made me tired!  LOL!!

I am going to post a few photos from the last few days...including the "hill" that I climbed up and down and up and down and up and get my drift! 

Just so you know...The first time I ever went to the lake house for a weekend away...more than one year ago...I could not make it up this hill without stopping to rest....This weekend...I managed to run up this hill...after climbing it up and back 7 times! 

Sometimes the victories don't show up on the scale...

Me climbing the hill...what form!!!!
Me...After climbing the Hill...again...What Form!!!!
It really is mind blowing for me...that I literally could not climb that the age of 45! the age of 46...My Fluffy self is R-U-N-N-I-N-G this hill...Again...God has given me another Do-Over!!!  This Journey has been filled with Do-Overs for me...and I am sure there are many more yet to come! 

Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment. :)

Here is the Hill without me on it!!!

Emily and Riley and Me and My Tone Tone
My Evening Views...Quite Peaceful!
One more piece of the Journey puzzle is in place...One day closer to a healthier, kinder, better me.  One more hill climbed...One more lap taken and lots more to go! 
I am starting Week #2 of the 2nd go round of the cleanse...It is strangely more difficult this time...but I will push through!  I will tell you...After week #1, I already feel differently...better!
Another medical victory...I now have not had any insulin in close to 2 months...NONE!  I go back to the Dr. at the end of July...I will be hoping that I can be meds free by the end of this Journey!!!  That would be fantastic!
I came across this quote today...I don't know who said it..but I love it!
"A single sentence spoken at the right time could change someones life forever. A little encouragement can go a long way."
Thank you all for the "sentences"!  The encouragement does in fact, go a long way!!!
Have a good night.  May God Bless you all!

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  1. Great news about you no longer needing insulin. Meds free would be one more GIANT benefit of this "journey"...A.C.