Friday, June 28, 2013

The Possibilities are Limitless

Good Friday Evening to you!!!  What a busy, exciting, challenging and victorious week it has been! 

I find myself in the middle of tons of things that I have never done before...New experiences, opportunities to share this story of how God can change one middle aged fluffy girl's life in less than one year!  I literally find myself stopping and thinking NO WAY..that this is all happening in my life!!! It seems improbable at the very least and mostly impossible...But the possibilities are limitless!! 

Everyday brings something new...a new experience, a conversation, an accomplishment (both big and small), a moment of clarity, a laugh, new relationships, the comfort of a long time relationship...etc....

The last few days have been full with lots of "growth" opportunities.  At the end of it..the end of another week along this Journey...I feel excited, nervous, happy, new, old (ha), young (truly), rejuvenated, overwhelmed, ecstatic, scared and most of all...very alive!!!

God is giving me new life...He is providing opportunities to experience life on levels that I thought I had long since missed, or passed, or skipped or dodged...hahaha!!!  You name it!!!

So as you might imagine...I am getting VERY EXCITED..because next week I will be meeting Kerri Walsh Jennings...who da thunk it!!!!  I have really tried to reel in my excitement in case for some reason it does not happen...but that is not working...I am actually a little nervous!!! But mostly I am excited..pumped, jazzed, get the picture! 

So...on this late Friday evening...I am going to try to calm my brain....relax...enjoy a few days without the rush of weekday life and reflect on all of the great things happening in my life and all of the great people that I am blessed to have in my life and all of great things I don't even know about yet! 

Blessings for Today:

  • Overcoming fear and trusting God
  • The birthday of one of my youngster co-workers...Happy Birthday Kristen!
  • Dinner with my "peeps"
  • The happy happenstance of "bumping" into a friend who warms my heart every time we speak
  • The opportunity to step out of my comfort zone!
Happy Weekend to all and to all a good night!

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