Friday, June 21, 2013

But the World Goes Round is Friday!!!  A very lengthy Friday...Summer Solstice...The Longest Day of the Year!!!  It was a good day...lots of laughing today at work...always nice and of course, I like to think that all that laughing leads to weight loss!!! Again...I enjoy laughing my butt off!!!

I need to say something here...This may sound a bit odd...But in the last few days...I know that God is quite busy working in my life!!!  I can FEEL IT!  Lots of rumblings of change going on...trying new stuff, accomplishing new levels of physical prowess :)....big decisions to make!  It is exciting, different and honestly, scares me to death! 

One of my challenges over the past 9+ months is not to FREAK out!  Well...for those of you that follow know that I have in fact, FREAKED out a few times so far. 

Change and I have a checkered past together...I have always been someone who likes to be busy (unless my health altered that part of my personality)...I like some, meeting new people...etc..and though I can be a bit introverted...I like a change of pace...being the class clown and learning new things.  AND...Change scares to my core at times!  Trusting, believing, embracing...those are words that escape my vocabulary during times of big change.  Big Change=Big Fear.  Of course, as a person who believes in having Faith and Trusting God's plan...I at times, find it quite difficult to practice what I to speak. 

As I enter the last few months of the 1st year of this Journey...I am finding that along with the weight much more is morphing and reshaping...not just this body of mine...but the way I experience life, my perceptions, my courage, my faith and yes, my fear!

 Change is Constant and it always will be...I can choose to embrace it or be afraid of it...My guess  is that depending on the situation...there may always be a little bit of both for me...But the World will continue to spin...So as I my body my perceptions change and as my Faith changes...I will pray for acceptance and the courage to KEEP THE CHANGE!!!

When I was a Mom and Grandmother LOVED Liza did I...I saw her live once when I was about 13 or so...She always did this song in her live show...Something about this post reminded me of the lyrics...I could hear Liza singing it in my head like it was yesterday!!!  I used to "perform" this song for my Mom and Grandmother in "private performances"given in our den!!! Complete with Liza's exaggerated choreography.

Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're sad
But the world goes 'round
Sometimes you lose every nickel you had
But the world goes 'round

Sometimes your dreams get broken in pieces
But that doesn't alter a thing
Take it from me, there's still gonna be
A summer, a winter, a fall and a spring

And sometimes a friend starts treating you bad
But the world goes 'round
And sometimes your heart breaks with a deafening sound

Somebody loses and somebody wins
And one day it's kicks, then it's kicks in the shins
But the planet spins, and the world goes 'round
But the world goes 'round
But the world goes 'round

Before I go I want to share one more thing...a quote that I read today from Max Lucado....

"We don't see the distance of our journey; but God promises a lamp for our feet; grace to help when needed; & his presence till the end"

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