Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lovin Every Minute Of It

Lordy....Lordy....the Fluffy Girl feels way older than Forty (6).

O.K.....It has been a while since I talked about Balance!!  Well...tonight is the night!!  I am suddenly aware that I am getting busier and busier...and busier.

Work, working out, event planning, traveling...not to mention a number of other events!  I will have to keep my focus on taking time to Be Still and Hear His Voice.

Getting enough rest and eating right...not at 10:00 pm (like tonight), will continue to be my biggest challenge!

I am "training" for climbing the DUNE! I am trying to get these legs, back, buttocks ready for the "burn" they are going to feel as I haul my fluffiness up a hill in deep sand....with a World Class Athlete...yep...I may be insane!

Actually...I am completely Pumped!  I still cannot believe all of the absolutely, amazing opportunities and blessings I am experiencing.

I want to enjoy each moment and I will have to maintain a reasonable balance and life pace or I just might miss something!

A blessing or two before I go...

My friend Brigitte for making me laugh off a few pounds last night...and for celebrating my not having take "insilint" for the last 2 months.

Blessed that God has provided the Strength I need to take each step of this Journey and LOVE each moment...even the struggles!

I am lovin' every minute of it!!

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