Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly "Gut Check"

Hi there and Happy Friday! It is a beautiful day here in Palestine, TX!

I started the day with a pretty tough my sweet Tone Tone made my breakfast shake.  I got up at about 10:00...hung out on the patio...and then put on my workout clothes and climbed the BIG HILL (down to the lake)...7 times!!


After the workout, I was directed to put on my swimsuit by the kiddos and headed to the lake for a swim....more floating than actual swimming!

I needed this time and certainly am needing the "hills" workouts to prepare for next month.

I will attach pics once I am back home!  Not happenin' here!

No weigh in today!  Taking a weigh in break! I am obviously not at home today AND I need a break from the self imposed weekly "gut check"...

Before I go...I am asking for prayers for a friend of mine  who is attending the funeral of a 19 year old young man today...truly heartbreaking.  Another reminder that life is truly something to be cherished.  May God heal the hearts of his parents and brother, his family and his friends!

Hug the ones you love today...

Here is a long distance hug to all of you!

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