Thursday, June 27, 2013

Praying for Calm-Praying for Clarity

Hi there...I hope all are healthy and happy today!

I am struggling this evening...just truly not feeling well.  Unfortunately, there are days when despite my ever improving health...I still have tough days.  Tonight feels difficult.  I truly have so much to do and absolutely need to make sure my body rests. 

I have read so much information regarding weight loss, exercise, etc...and without fail...all state that sleep and managing stress are 2 of the most important factors in losing weight.  I have always struggled with getting enough sleep...but lately (the last few weeks) I have not been getting enough sleep! 

I think that is catching up with me!  And then there is my old pal Stress...yes, as much time and energy as I put into writing about learning to trust God and let go of the challenges that stress me would think that I might have mastered peace, calm and understanding...but alas NO...I have only mastered (HA) talking about those things...doing them is a completely different story.

So I have lots going on...not just everyday life stuff...but things that are hugely important to me and important that I do with some level of skill, integrity and success.  There is a slight possibility that I have more to do than there are adequate hours in the day (and still sleep) I am STRESSED. 

I have probably gained 5lbs while writing this...I get really frustrated with myself for stressing out...which in turn...Stresses me out!!!!  Crazy making really!!! 

So here I am...acknowledging my shortcomings...praying for strength beyond my abilities and writing here, those things that I need to get off of my brain! 

So without going into any details...tomorrow is a day where I will need prayer...prayers for Clarity and Calm and prayers for the ability to fully believe in myself and the person I can be as long as I am in relationship with God. 

Again...this Journey is offering opportunities for growth (and loss) physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I have to keep following that path that God has cleared...I have to believe that path is the only path for me. 

So tonight.. despite my struggles...I am choosing to Believe in something I can't see at this very moment.  I am Praying for Calm and Praying for Clarity.

By his light I walked through darkness. (Job 29:3)


  1. I hope today is a better day. A.C.

  2. Me too! Stay strong... Keep looking forward to the prize! You can fo it. Barb.