Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Hundred Foot Journey

So...I went to the movies today...It was a good day for it.

 I have shared before that I at times, struggle with just "being"...relaxing...taking it easy...all of that!  I think that though this probably sounds a little off...I am baffled by having energy after not having any for so long.

So baffled in fact, that I think that if I have energy that means I am supposed to be "doing something"...all the time.  The contradiction for me is that I know that I times, I just need to chill...slow down and give my brain, body and spirit a rest. 

So...I was not doing a good job "relaxing" at home so...I decided that an escape into a movie would be a great answer. music...can speak to me in a completely different language.  I can relax, slow down and give my spirit a break in the movies. 

Unless a movie really sucks...I usually find some solace and entertainment from sitting in a dark movie theater...getting lost for a couple of hours in a story...BUT....when a movie is GREAT...the experience is sublime.  Like great music, a great movie can actually transport me to a completely different place, can ease a busy mind and calm an anxious body!!! 

Tonight....I saw that kind of movie.

Truth is....I could talk for hours about this movie....the acting, the story, the scenery...the FOOD (of course)...I loved every single minute. 

Even more...the symbolism of the Journey in this story...the short physical distance of  100 feet and the emotional, spiritual and cultural journey that made the expanse of that 100 feet feel like a million miles. 

As corny as it may sound...It made me think of how small (on some level) the distance of losing 120lbs in 12 months felt when I started...and about how today my Journey is no longer about 120lbs in 365 days...but instead, seems to have morphed into a life Journey...a Journey that still includes the shedding of those 120lbs but that encompasses so much more...

If I may continue waxing poetic here for just a moment...I think that the beauty of the Journey depicted in the movie was the fact that only 100 feet separated the characters...but the distance between them...between their hearts and their cultures appeared unending...until Love brought that distance back the to the original 100 feet where the Journey began....where it all started.

My personal Journey started as a 100 foot Journey in a sense...a journey just to the other side of 120lbs...but the expanse of my 100 feet has been changing, heart warming and earth shaking...and still in process. 

The movie...well...I thought it was beautiful...poignant, thought provoking and filled with great love...

Tonight, I feel like I have traveled around the world...met some amazing, talented people, ate some great food and experienced great love...and I did not even travel 10 miles from home.

Now I must sleep!  Thanks for reading...and thanks for being a part of my 100 Foot Journey.

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