Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Day After and The Day Before

The Day always a challenge for me...The Day After something that has consumed my days, that I have looked forward to and that I have put my guts and all my might into completing successfully.

So the Day After Play It Forward-Rally to Serve has been challenging...physically mostly.  My body might just be a little overdone!  I am feeling a little emotional today... Just a bit overwhelmed by the blessings of this Journey...and the challenges of this Journey ALL at the same time.

The Day After brings reflection, exhaustion, joy, relief, and some thoughts about what can be done better next time!!!

Much like this Journey...yesterday was not perfect...It was however, heartwarming, uplifting and beautiful because of the people that were there, the causes we were representing and the spirit and energy that filled that big building!!!

I am proud.  I am honored and I am blessed that God continues to provide a "light unto my path".

Like I said...physically today was a challenge...felt like my feet were encased in concrete.  I slept more today that I have in a week and I definitely had a few extra aches and pains...However, I decided to get up...Go to the gym and at the very minimum...stretch out these muscles and MOVE. 

Life continues business as usual I had life things to do today...laundry, groceries...etc...

While at the grocery store, I suddenly felt really lousy!  Just a truly yucky feeling.  I immediately knew that my sugar had bottomed out and I was in need of a little sugar boost!

Now for those of you that know me or have faithfully followed this know that I had rather unhealthy attachment to Coca Cola...I called it the "juice of life".  Now, since this healthy Journey has begun...I have greatly decreased my consumption of Sugary cola drinks.  I have my slips...but generally...No Go on the Juice of Life!

But my sugar levels crashed...I looked up and there...Like a beacon in the night....Was a cold Coca ordinary Coke....Instead (as part of new Coke ad campaign) was a bottle of Coke that said this: my Grandmother...Elizabeth actually...but Liz to many!  She passed away many years ago...however, today...she showed up in a big way...Like a good Guardian Angel does and kept me from passing out in the middle of HEB.

A Fun little pick me up on a sluggish Day After!!!  You gotta love that!!! I wind down tonight...I am clear that today may be the Day After a big event...a big expenditure of energy and effort...But it is also the Day Before the rest of this Journey....

It is the Day Before I climb my next mountain and jump my next hurdle!!

Here are just a few pics of yesterday...More to follow! 

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  1. Onward and Upward!!!.....enjoyed seeing some pics from the Event and loved the "Liz" coke!!!! A.C.