Monday, August 11, 2014

Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

"No Matter what people tell you, Words and Ideas can change the World." ~Robin Williams

I have frequently spoken of how music impacts my Journey and how a simple song lyric can completely change the trajectory of my a moment's notice.

For as much as I love music...a soothing melody or a rockin' bass line that makes me want to is the words of a song...the lyric... that often moves my heart!

I love words...and Love reading, listening, repeating and obviously, writing words...BUT...when words are packaged in HUMOR....I am IN!!!  Great Humor is a gift...Laughing at Great Humor is pretty close to a spiritual experience for me!!! 

When I was growing up...middle school through high school, the minister of the church I grew up in was funny!!!  Quick wit with a slow, well-timed delivery that captured the attention of an at times, sleepy, somewhat disinterested pre-teen/teen.  Humor was prevalent in my family is funny and loves to laugh...Humor is on every front in my life..

Words delivered with great humor..are sublime.

 Humor is one of my favorite coping skills...I have used it for survival through some less than stellar moments in my life...painful, awkward, name it...Humor has saved me repeatedly.

Great thoughts delivered with humor can move the heaviest obstacle...and conquer the biggest challenge.

This Journey and my success or failure in context to this Journey...has been contingent on my ability to myself...with myself and when I need to get over myself. 

Laughter really is the Best Medicine.  It revitalizes...It replenishes and it refreshes the soul!

Today, Robin Williams passed away...Someone who provided some pretty amazing comic moments that have left a mark on this world...I watched him from Mork and Mindy to Good Will Hunting...

I agree with him...Words and Ideas Can Change the World...They do every day...and in my opinion, Funny Words coupled with Smart Ideas...well...they can change a life, move a mountain and even make the sometimes bitter taste of Life's Lessons taste a little sweeter!

I think that tonight in Heaven...The Angels are laughing!

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