Sunday, August 10, 2014

Press On

So this is the final week of Year 2.

Two years ago this week, my mind, body and spirit were in a state of disarray.  Overwhelmed by illness...weighted down physically and emotionally...I was a mess!

But Divine inspiration intervened...God found a way to get my shake up my world and to get me off my tush!

From that moment life has been rocked by consistent Divine intervention. My life has shifted in a completely different direction.  Inspired still to this day...I AM IN AWE...of how many changes, challenges and new chapters have occurred in my life.

With my acknowledgement of feeling an overwhelming and completely unexpected wave of inspiration...this Journey began...full speed ahead...that was the 1st miracle of this Journey...its origin. 

Much of the negativity in my life...often self-created...began to slowly shift towards the positive....towards a belief that I COULD...vs...the belief that I NEVER WOULD...a miracle.

My mind began to clear and the deeply seeded need for life to be be better... began to grow inwardly and force its way out and into reality!

Along the way, my inspiration has grown...even amid the setbacks.  My desire to feel better, live better, love better...grows and is reignited each time I see the Power of God's  Grace and each time I embrace His presence with an open, willing heart! 

There is an undeniable power and truth in the below quote. 

This Journey started as a bulldozer for me...clearing space so that I might embrace ALL of what God has in store for me...I did NOT see it coming. ..but so glad it DID!

Now as Year 2 draws to a close and Year 3 begins...My Job is to Press On!

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