Monday, August 4, 2014

Progress... Onward

Good Monday evening...I hope this evening finds all of you feeling happy, well-loved and beyond blessed.

For those of you that follow this Journey faithfully....first, thank you and secondly, bless your sweet heart!
Lastly, you know that I am rapidly approaching the end of Year 2 of this battle against all things fluffy...or maybe better said, all things that make me fluffy!

In less than 2 weeks I will celebrate the end of another year and will dive, headlong into the next stage of this Journey in hopes of embracing ALL that God gives me and prayerfully believing that I will and already have all that I need to accomplish this goal I have set for myself. 

At the end of this year 2, I find myself about 45lbs shy of my original goal to lose 120lbs.  It isn't how I planned exactly...but then, there are very few things about this last 2 years that I "planned" or could even have imagined!

I think that in those moments that I can actually grasp the depth of the changes I have experienced in the last 2 years...I feel like I can do anything!

I am challenged and blessed by the slow but steady growth in my confidence...growing from the inside out...slowly making its way out for others to see, feel and experience... The cool part...when I actually catch a glimpse of my own confident reflection.

There are parts of this Journey that cannot be measured on a scale or by other external means. There are moments that have so much more value than a number or an inch or a size...

I don't know if I would call those moments the intangibles...more readily, those moments are invaluable. 

I find the more I believe that I can do this...the easier it becomes to believe it when others say it!

I have had some amazing support and inspiration along this Journey so a variety of forms.

I have taken risks, shared my guts and my heart...A LOT!

But...I must confess...I at times, feel like I am moving at a snail's I did something today that I have rarely done on the Journey so far...I made a before and after (or so far) photo collage...

Top Left...Me and my Aunt C. 2010...I am smiling...but sick and exhausted!  
Bottom Left:  Kerri and I (the cool way God chose to inspire me) July 2013.
RIGHT: Me in Cali July 2014



  1. What a transformation! :)

  2. Way to go "J"!!!!! Praying the event is fun and successful! A.C.

  3. I love your post today, sweet friend. It's really silly that we measure success by a number when real success is about the transformation we make when we grow from the inside out. Onward!!

  4. You've come a long ways! (I held back from posting the cigarette ad. Ha!). You really have done than many people would have the patience for. Your efforts are inspirational. Looking forward to seeing you at Vollyball Tourny soon!!