Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chaos Today...Dancing Stars Tomorrow

I cannot tell a lie...OK...maybe I can...but I am choosing not to tell a lie...
This has been one pain in the butt kind day...chaotic...out of get the picture.

These days force me to really THINK about who I am and how I react under pressure.  Days like today confront my issues with control and highlight how crazy I can be when I step out of faith and into self-reliance...not the good kind!

Today was the perfect day to practice letting go and letting God...instead of hanging on and going mad!

As I lay my head on my pillow tonight...I thumb through this great book of quotes given to me as a gift and stumble across the below.

I read it a couple of times through...I am not sure I believe this...BUT I so hope it is true!! If the presence of inner chaos gives birth to dancing stars...then I should be delivering a virtual Milky Way of Fred  Astaires any minute now! 

This would be GREAT news for me...I have always loved to dance and have always wanted to be a star! If that just takes some chaos...I should be GOLDEN! 

However tonight...I pretty much just have the chaos part going on...But you never know...tomorrow could be All about the dance! 


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