Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brave Enough To Keep Moving Forward! Go Team Clint!

So...I made it through day Two of Boot Camp...I think!!!  The jury is out!  I am already feeling a bit, what I might call, muscular I am guessing that by the time this 47 year old body gets out of bed in the morning...I will be in the advanced stages of  "Dear God, what have I done!"
I tried a new machine this evening.  First, just as a reminder, when I started this Journey 2 years ago, I began just walking...and swimming only to decide one fateful day to step on this evil machine call the Elliptical. the beginning, I struggled to get in 10 minutes on that machine without feeling as if I was going to collapse...but over time and after several major battles, I conquered the Evil Elliptical!!!! 

Tonight however, I met my new arch nemesis...

THIS machine is beyond evil...It is diabolical.  It looks doable.  It IS NOT!! part of our circuit training this evening, I had the option of doing intervals on the stationary bike OR 6 continuous minutes on Jacob's ladder.  I chose the ladder.  I need to prepare for climbing...Ladder climbing seems a good training I say...I'll do the ladder...6 big twig...I got this!!!  So...I get on....attach my safety harness...and I begin!!  First few steps...Yea...I got this...still feeling pretty confident....
ONE MINUTE and I retreated to the bike tout suite!!!
So...I now have a new foe to conquer.  I don't who the hell Jacob is...but his ladder bites!!! out Jacob....I am comin' for ya!  It just may be a while before I get there!!!
Before I go....I want to share a picture of my young cousin Clint.  As most of  you know, he was in a serious boating accident July 4th weekend.  He gratefully survived the horrific accident; however, is having to learn to walk again with a prosthetic leg.  Clint lost his right leg in the accident but did not lose his brave spirit, sense of humor and wonderful heart!  Clint is currently in the hospital going through intensive physical therapy and learning to walk with his new leg.  It is a painful process, yet he is fighting through with this brave face!
He amazes and inspires.  He is BRAVE!  GO TEAM CLINT
As I write this tonight...My reality is that bravery is not the absence of fear...It is not a characteristic of the fearless...but instead, a characteristic of those who face fear with great faith...a characteristic of those that take the next step without full knowledge of where they are going...but are brave enough to keep moving forward!!!!

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  1. I SO want to try this thing! I probably wouldn't be able to hang too long on it, but it's definitely intriguing!!! ;) Go get 'em, Jaime!