Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trusting My Wings

So...post Day One of boot camp and I am still moving...even made it to the gym for a little cardio!

My goal is to keep moving so that my body does not have time to realize that it is  being stretched outside its comfort zone! :)

It felt like a little victory though....being able to survive Day 1 and make it to the gym tonite! Another step in a healthy direction!  No giant leap for Mankind...but a solid step along my Journey to De-Fluff!

Now...in an effort to be prepared for Boot Camp Day 2...I must rest...renew and replenish! 

My prayer every night is to be in God's Will....trust in His plans and have the faith and courage I need to Forge ahead.

There are days when this task feels a little daunting.  But I am surrounded by reminders of how blessed I am to be on this Journey...reminders of ALL the ways God lights my path...Even on days when I struggle. 

One of the biggest challenges I have faced and still face is truly and deeply BELIEVING that I CAN.

This blog has been my practice ground in many ways. The place where I write my truth...and the place I write truths that I am yet to believe! 

I received the below from my cousin Julie today...loved it!

I am learning to trust my wings...every day! 

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