Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Taking That One More Step

Every single day of this Journey has been and continues to be about taking ONE step more than I think I can. Taking ONE more step that it feels like I have the courage to take.

Pushing through the mental barriers is often the most challenging aspect of this weight loss/spiritual Journey I have embarked upon. I find that once my head believes I can take that ONE more step...the body will follow.  Pushing through the physical pain is easier than pushing through all of the I Can'ts that live in my head.

I find though, that once I clear that mental hurdle...my body surprises me.  I surprise myself.

So my daily challenge is push through those invisible barriers that live in my brain...those self-imposed limitations that are quite frankly, untrue!

The physical barriers exist...as you might imagine.  It is a challenge to take a 47 year old body that has been generally sedentary until 2 years ago and make it walk, run climb, jump, swim, dive, etc..

However, throughout this Journey and often at the urging of some outside (of my brain) force...I have managed to keep taking one MORE step in a forward moving direction.

God has seen to it that my life is filled with motivators, educators and instigators that push me in a forward direction...that keep me taking that one more step.

I am learning that even when I feel stuck or like I am losing ground (or gaining weight) that hidden among the setback is a step forward.  Sometimes it is nothing more than me forgiving myself for my imperfect impact on God's perfect plans and there are other times when the "setback" is not really a setback at all...but instead, an opportunity to learn, grow, and feel what it is like to Actively LIVE again.

So this week is a big week for me...in many ways.  It is a milestone week, the last week of year 2...It is the week of an event that is extremely important to me and deeply personal to me  Its success weighs on my mind.  Amidst those two big pieces...my personal Journey continues.  Each day offers an opportunity for me to do life differently than I have the past 15+ years. Each day gives me the chance to be fully present and live in the change...vs. fear the change.

Again, I was reminded that this is a Life Journey...not just a goal-centric trip that has a definite end...No...This Journey is about making healthy choices daily...this Journey is about taking that next step and pushing through the barriers and roadblocks...This Journey is about taking the next step toward my dreams and goals...and finding that beyond one dream is another...and another...and another...each significant and each worth the physical, spiritual and emotional effort.

This Journey Continues...One Step at A Time...

I am reminded that Through Christ...ALL things are possible.

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