Thursday, August 21, 2014

Living Big and Brave

Wow...Year 3 is firing up early!!!  New mini-goals to adventures to be had!

So...I announced yesterday that I will be participating in the MS 150 (Houston to Austin) in the Spring of 2015.  At the same time, I mentioned that I had planned on doing a mountain hike in CO but that it had to be postponed...BUT...Now...It is back on!!!

I will be doing a weekend hike in Colorado with my lifelong friend Michelle in early October.  I am excited, nervous and pretty sure that this flatlander will be sorely missing oxygen shortly upon arrival!

I could not find any inspirational messages regarding overcoming a lack of oxygen...but I did find this...
I am looking forward to the challenge.  I like the imagery of me hiking up a mountain...beautiful scenery...singing at the top of my lungs...THE HILLS ARE ALIVE...WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!!  OK...there will be no singing...I will settle for breathing and I may do one of those Julie Andrews twirls...just for the fun of it!
This year 3 is going to be about going above and beyond....reaching for bigger goals...Living Big and Brave and setting my sights on the rest of my life!!!
So...obviously...I have some work to do...SO...I will be doing a 4 week Women's Warrior Boot Camp starting on Monday!!!  3X a week for 4 weeks!!!! 
People...Life is moving and shaking and my goal is to firm up all on my body that moves and shakes!!! 
All of this is such a God thing for me...After reinstating daily blogging...seeking my Daily "Umph" as I finished Year 2,  and preparing for the Play It Forward Event, I am feeling good about how Year 3 is starting.  Goals for better fitness, Goals that lead me to that next right step and Goals that keep me forward looking...

Over the course of the past 2 years...I have pretty much fully documented the steps I have taken on this Journey.  I have openly discussed what lead me to start...what factors influenced my life...and the inspiration that got me off my butt.  I have shared some really personal history and have shared and probably overshared, the ups and downs of my weight loss Journey...the roller coaster!!  I have laughed and cried a lot...have been touched by some amazing angels...and have experienced an amazing opportunity to heal all that has kept me ill and tired for so many years. 

I have confessed before that I, had I known, would probably have not so enthusiastically started this Journey if I had fully gotten how internally confrontational it was going to I was going to in fact, begin this weight loss/healing Journey by stripping away my insides as well as my outsides.  AND that I would insist on sharing that with a virtual cornucopia of people...some of whom I have not even met...pretty much on a daily basis!

Now...2 years in...No lie...there are days that I think, I will NEVER finish this...but those days are simply fading away each time I do ONE more thing I thought I could not or would not ever do! I still have insecurities and doubts...but they are more readily transformed into confidence and belief with each new accomplishment...big or small.

Slowly I am getting to the heart of the matter...Slowly I am accepting that this my life! I keep repeating that in my that I don't get so discouraged when the pace seems stagnant...

I know that there is more to heal and more to lose.  But here is what I am thrilled about today...I will be losing on a Mountain....and on a Bike...and in the gym...and I will be healing while surrounded by Angels and Strangers who for whatever glorious reason God has seen fit to place them in my life!!!

As always, your prayers and continued support are appreciated!!! 

No looking back!!!!


  1. You've inspired us "ALL" to be our you, A.C.

  2. It's Michelle here saying...can't wIt to hike and spend time with you! We will kick that mountain's hiney