Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fired Up...Nervous...But FAITHFUL!

Oh. Baby.  This girl is in overdrive!  With less than 10 days til the candle is definitely burning at both ends!

However...the Mojo is flowin' and the Umph is pumpin'!!! friend Brigette managed to get ALL of our BBQ donated for the event from RUDY'S!!!  Such a HUGE blessing for us!

Thanks to Steve at Rudy's for your wonderful generosity!  

Things are coming we just need PEOPLE...hint....hint! ;)

Tonight...we got to see 1st hand...Live and in Person...some of the kick butt auction baskets that Brig and Tess have been putting together...thought I would share a few below!   Better yet...join us on August 16th!

This fired up...still nervous...but faithful fluffy girl must sleep. Prayers are needed and appreciated!

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