Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Damn Fine Team

It is BEYOND late...a long, productive day!
Play It Forward-Rally to Serve got a big dose of UMPH this evening...Which is GOOD!

After fighting my incessant need to worry,  having an unbelievably busy day at work and squeezing in as much event planning as possible, I am ready to crater! But as I lay here..I can't help but think about how blessed I am!

Today (technically yesterday) is my dear friend Brigette's birthday!  We have been friends a long damn time...a good long time...Actually a GREAT long time!

Tonight we celebrated her birthday, ate amazing home-cooked food, told stories...randomly sang songs we love, wore purses on our heads AND laughed our butts off...Some Serious UMPH right there! :)

In the middle of all that...We even managed to make serious progress in our event planning! 

Surrounded by her family...and my Mom...we make a great team! We have for a long time!

Great teammates are encouraging ..Great teammates lift us up and Great teammates keep us grounded...but Great Teammates that keep us laughing...they are priceless!

Happy Birthday Brig! You are beyond priceless!  We make a damn fine team!

Here are a few photos of the night and a little funny that very accurately describes an important rule in our friendship code!

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