Monday, August 18, 2014


"Creating in collaboration is just the best"!!  #BetterTogether

I saw the above words on Twitter today..."tweeted" by a contemporary Christian singer and worship leader at the church I attend...Lizi Bailey! 

Once I saw them...I knew I must steal them!

Still being in "reflection" mode from this past weekend and further reflecting on the importance of teamwork...I saw those words and just knew they had to be part of today's post.

There is, for me, an undeniable energy that exists in true collaboration:

Defined by my dear friend "Webster" as this:

to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something

Not much more powerful on this Earth than being a member of a great any arena.  Work, Love, Friendship, name it and I will argue that great teams lead to great successes and ultimately, to great joy!

Of course, I will at this point take the opportunity to highlight the fact that my favorite Olympian and her partner April Ross won their 4th Consecutive AVP Championship this past weekend and in my humble opinion, are rapidly growing into (for me, already are) one amazing team! 

I think, similar to Kerri and Misty, I am acutely aware that it is not only Kerri and April's individual athletic ability but in fact, the type of people they are that make them a powerful team.

When I watch them play, I see an athletic collaboration as well as a deeper that transcends play calling and positioning on the volleyball court.

It is a thing of beauty...and it serves as unparalleled inspiration for me. 

So, applying that same concept to this Journey and specifically, this past weekend, I am so very aware of the importance of the collaboration of my own team.  Having a deeper emotional and spiritual connection to the collaborative effort makes this Journey possible and quite frankly, without it... impossible.

I am in the process of  creating something new in my life everyday...whether it be a big challenge or just simple shift in thinking or subtle change in behavior...Every Day of the last two years is about Creatively Seeking Change.

From its inception, this Journey was inspired by a Great Collaborative effort and has been sustainable because of great collaborative efforts. 

This past weekend, that collaborative effort was in high gear!  For me, the experience reminded me of why this Journey...this shift in the direction of my life is so important.  This is what life is about for me...really living...pushing past anything that says I Can't and living wholeheartedly in the I Can's and the I Will's...I can seek that kind of life out now because I joined a great team. 

Lastly...and most importantly...My Journey has taken on New Life...because I am creating in collaboration with God everyday.

Oh...I am not always graceful in doing so and I certainly need tons of practice but that listen to God's voice over my own and follow God's path instead of following my own, has taken me from living in absolute survival mode to living in full-on revival mode.

Here is what's true for me...I may have my moments when I do OK on my own...but, I truly believe we are all...Better Together!

Here are a few more pics of our Collaborative Effort over the weekend.

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