Friday, August 8, 2014


Another Late Night and Only 7 days until the end of Year 2 and only 8 days until the beginning of Year 3...OH...and ONLY 7 days until we have the chance to PLAY IT FORWARD!!!

I am reaching the "It will ALL BE FINE" stage of planning for this event!!! Slowly letting go of the outcome and trusting that the remainder of the  planning is Divinely guided!!

I can't say it enough....the team around me is unbelievable!  I am so very blessed to have some seriously fierce warriors that are willing to take time away their own lives and invest some serious heart into this Journey of mine!

Tonight..I am exhausted,  thrilled and ready to trust that It WILL all be fine!!  Ready to KNOW that is Already IS!!!

Hey...even if you don't join us to play volleyball...You have got to check out the friends Brigette and Tess have put together some amazing baskets!!

Here are a few examples!

I must sleep now...not only will All Be Fine...but it will be fine and Dandy!

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