Thursday, August 7, 2014

Working from the Inside-Out

Music has always been a great provider of inspiration for me...Instant Umph...I can hear a song or a singer and be transported to a completely different place or time...Songs can evoke instant emotion from my soul on either end of the emotional spectrum! 

I, of course, have songs that have completely special places in my heart...that never get old, or over-played.  Then I have songs that I have a shorter relationship with...that provide a short term boost of Umph or inspiration...

As of today...I have officially have a new, possibly short term, musical relationship...This song makes me grin from ear to ear...makes me move AND I think, has a pretty important message for young peeps out there who are experiencing that unique-to-no-one, I am not comfortable with my body issue!!!!

So here is the song...

All about that Bass

Now...clearly, I don't exactly match the demographic this song aims to target...BUT...I can relate!

Here is the thing.  I have, in the last 2 years, completely shifted my focus to living healthier...losing weight and walking the path God has laid for me.  However, in context to those efforts...I daily battle self-image know, learning how to be comfortable in my own skin....while at the same time, making significant efforts to reshape my body and learn to live in a "new skin".  It is an odd experience for me...profoundly worth it...but awkward and uncomfortable at times.

As a person of a certain "girth"...I too, understand how important it is that I have people in my life who love and accept me....lbs and all...for who I am and what my heart offers and not the body that heart is housed in!

As a person who is embracing a healthier lifestyle however....I cannot say often enough how important and life changing this experience is and how, 2 years in... I would highly recommend this way of life to anyone who asks.

But...Here is a real truth for me...I am not ever going to be some perfectly sized, drop dead, super model gorgeous creature...Not many are!  

This song, for me, addresses a really important issue, nobody is perfect and No Body is Perfect...The images that dance across our T.V's, movie screens, social media...etc...they often are aided significantly by today's technology. 

No judgement here...just an observation dosed with my opinion.   I am learning to fully take care of my mind, body and spirit and THAT is not just about losing weight!  It is a total overhaul ...and that INCLUDES...being comfortable with and accepting the body God gave me...even as it changes...even as it takes on a new form.  That Comfort and Acceptance...builds the confidence I need to move ahead on this path.

Part of the motivation for this charity event for about building hope in our kids...ALL kids.  It is about modeling for them that no matter how far removed they may be or feel from a place of Hope...that there is always Hope...That anything is possible if we believe...and particularly, if we believe in the "Who" that we are and not the "What" that others expect us to be or look like from the outside...

Great things can happen if we start our work from the inside...from the Heart...and let THAT be what others see on the outside.

All that from a Pop Song!!!!  I am ALL about dat Bass!!!!

Only 8 DAYS to Play It Forward-Rally to Serve...Come a little volleyball and if you do, you too will get to be All about Dat Bass!!  We can shake it together!!!

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