Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Major Mini Goal Time...Let The Games Begin

Today...I think I am in a bit of an adrenaline detox!
Lots on my mind...but without the major deadline looming! Good news....bad news for me.  One of the important motivational tools for me so far on this Journey has been to have specific goals and deadlines to go with those goals.
Of course, I still have a weight loss goal to meet and I would like to meet it! Obviously, setting a deadline for that particular goal has presented a few challenges. I, as I write this, would like to think I will hit that target in Year 3...AND as, I write this,  am thinking...I maybe should just hope that I hit that target before I die (assuming full life expectancy)! (Humor... folks...just a little humor). is what I am learning about myself on this leg of my Journey.  I need to be shooting for something that pushes me beyond my comfort zone!
So...I had plans to take on a Mountain in Colorado in October...but plans have changed.  So...that has required me to ponder another physical challenge....A "major" mini goal so to speak...that will push me beyond my comfort zone...well beyond it.
So here is the scoop...You might say that I had one of those God moments today.  One of those God moments that is both exhilarating and scary all at the same time. After learning that I would need to rethink my major mini goal...I suddenly...with insane confidence decided that I am committing today to participate in the 2015 MS150 in the Spring of next year .
If you don't know already,  the MS150 is a 150 mile bike race from Houston to Austin. It is an event that raises money for Multiple sclerosis research and it is certainly a cause that has special meaning for me!
So...let it be noted...this fluffy girl is officially in training...and considering that I have never ridden more than 20 miles in one ride...I will have some training to do!
For the next several months...I will be working towards this goal...pushing this body and peddling my ass off...ideally!
In between now and the day of the ride next Spring...I am hoping to filter in all kinds of training opportunities to prepare mentally and physically for this challenge! 
Let the Games Begin!

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