Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fluffy Girl Survives

It's Thursday...One More day til weigh in #10....Goodness...I hope I lose some of this fluff!!!
I left work last night and went and worked out...just did a cardio workout (or as close to cardio as I can get...:).  I did an hour on the bike and actually felt better than I have all week.  My knees stopped complaining so vigorously and my muscles were a little less fatigued!  I have almost survived Week 10!!!

Glad I pushed through being tired.  Today feels a little better. Mentally...I am fatigued though.  Hopefully, the weekend will give me a chance to get some rest and be ready for Week 11. 

Tonight is the Lightening Strykers 2nd to last game.  I really hope they can pull off a victory to boost their little spirits.  I will miss them!  Friday night is our last game!  Go Lightening Strykers!!!!

I have been thinking about more Mantras:  Here is another one for your enjoyment!

Get Off your Duff and Lose that Fluff!

NOTE:  The last day to register for the Firefly 5K is OCTOBER 30th!!!!   The race is Saturday November 3rd (registration starts at 5:00 PM and the race starts at 7:00 PM).  It is not too late to join us...come will be fun!!!  I believe TEAM MAWA has about 13 members get to wear glow in the dark can you pass that up!!!!  Come ON...Let's GLOW!!!!

As  a follow up to yesterday:  Kristen received an email from CustomInk regarding making a charitable donation to the Houston Food Bank.  Please see the below email. Really cool!  If more companies did business this way...the world would be a much kinder place to live!!!

 The email read:

We try to donate to every charity event that our customers hold close to their hearts, so we are delighted to help with this event as well.  Of course, we wish we could offer a large sponsorship, but because we do so many, I’m limited to small donations ($20). 
Also, we would love to have you enter our Ink of the Week contest. Send in a picture of your team wearing their CustomInk shirts and you may just win a $100 voucher for your next order!  Go to to enter and share your photo with others!
BTW, I read Jaime's Wednesday post where she gave a shout out to CustomInk!  So nice!!  Good luck to her in her endeavors!  Being a former v-baller myself, I know how the love of the game can motivate you!

Great stuff!!  Check out CustomInk on Facebook!

Here is a little early Halloween fun!  Enjoy!

I hope the rest of your day is splendid and here is to a productive Week 11!!!!  Journey 120 "MaWa" Inspired!


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