Sunday, October 21, 2012


HI!  It is Sunday evening and I have spent this day mentally, physically and spiritually getting ready for the remainder of Week 10 of this spectacular Journey!.  I realized this morning, after a really busy yesterday, that I needed to to speak!  I worked this fluffy body pretty hard last week and my everyday schedule has been packed with activity, work deadlines and just a Go...Go....Go mentality.  Though I like to be busy and am so grateful that I FEEL like being busy...I know it is not always best for me. 

Having struggled physically for the last 20+ years...the fact that I am actually doing this...that after all of the illness, I am truly able to make this effort is such an amazing miracle for me.  So...I think I am just "pumped up" about the whole thing and am "full steam ahead".  This is one of my challenges that I face when I discuss keeping balance in my life...that whole...go, go, go attitude.  It is early yet...I am hoping by the end of this Journey...I have found this elusive balance that I keep chattering about!!! :) having said all of the above...My Sunday was about Church, hanging out a bit with Emily and Donna, having a great cup of tea (thanks Donna), football...(How bout them Texans!!!), healthy food,  nap,
more football, sitting on the patio with my Tone Tone and Riley and now a little baseball (Go Giants and my favorite former Astro Hunter Pence), dinner, a little laundry and getting ready for next week.                     

No workout today.

 I needed to REST my body, REVIVE my mind and REJUVENATE my spirit!

So here we go....Week 10...I will start fresh tomorrow.  This is the last week of Volleyball and we have 1 practice and 2 I will be all about Volleyball this week.  It has been a blast!!

I will get my workouts in on Monday-Thurs with a day off on Friday.  I am hoping to see some positive results.  Again, thank you all for your words of encouragement.  So appreciated! 

Let us all go out and make this week a great blessing!!!  Let's Be Inspired and Be Inspirations!!!

See you tomorrow!!!  God Bless and Love to you all!!!

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  1. You may be adding a little muscle causing the weight to hold steady. Don't be discouraged. Keep on keepin on. SJ