Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week 9 is Lookin Fine

Hello to all...I hope this Saturday evening finds you well.  It has been a chill Saturday for me.  I have made a concerted effort to lay low today and recuperate from a tiring Week 8.  Just a laid back day with a few errands mixed in along with a nap or two.  I did workout this evening:  I did a treadmill warm up followed by 45 minutes on the bike...did some upper body work and then I tried the elliptical for the 1st time...Holy Toledo...not easy...really not easy.  I had pains in body parts that I did not know I had!!! 
I am clear that it gets my heart pumping at much higher levels than the bike...but Wow!!!  I will be working this new aspect into my work out rather slowly I am afraid.  I felt good about my workout though...I am hoping to get some swimming in tomorrow with my BFF!!!  She swims like a fish...I swim more like a boulder...but I will do my best.  It will be nice to change it up. 

I am really wanting to push through, over, around...whatever it takes to get over the hurdle I encountered last week.  I am also going to try to continue to add metabolism boosting foods/activities to my daily routine in hopes that my body will respond positively and clear this hurdle so that I am a little more energetic this week and my results are better.  I have done some research and found the below suggestions for increasing metabolism!  I think I will give some of these a try.

  • Early workouts will boost metabolism and last longer into the day
  • Higher intensity aerobic workouts increase metabolism
  • Substitute some carbs with lean protein
  • Eat small meals/snacks every three to four hours.  Helps to maintain higher metabolism
  • Drink more water...(boo Hiss)
  • Drink Green Tea
  • Eat Almonds
  • Have some Eggs
  • Throw back some Salmon
These are just a few things I ran across...I am going to increase some of this in my daily life and see what happens. 

I am looking forward to this week.  We are just 3 weekends away from The Firefly Run...My Cousin Ali joined the team....Thank you ALI!!!  We are up to 11 team members.... JOIN US!!!!  It will be a great event for a great cause (The Houston Food Bank).

Here is the link!!!

Congratulations to the New Boston Lions...7-0....You guys rock!!!

My girls VB team lost but really showed much improvement!  They were disappointed!  Gotta FORGE ON though!!!

Have a fabulous Sunday!  MAWA!!!! INSPIRED!!!!!

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