Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 8-Keeping my Eyes Open

Happy Sunday Evening to all...I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend.  Did I mention that yesterday  I completed 3 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes?  Just checkin!  I really was "feeling" it this morning when I got up for Church.  My body was feeling every minute of its 45 years!  But...I vowed that I was going to work out today to push through the aches and pains of yesterday.  Sunday started as it typically does...up, pick up Emily, church, take Emily home (Emily was tired today and skipped on lunch)...Tone Tone and I had lunch and headed home.  At this point, I could have soooo taken a nap, but instead changed into my workout clothes and headed to the Y. 
Honestly, my workout today felt a bit sluggish and I really struggled through parts of it, but I did get through it. Got my cardio in and some circuit training.  I am proud of that. However, I am icing down a few body parts this evening!!! 

Each day of this Journey so far has had meaning.  Each day brings some different little nuance of change that keeps me motivated and interested.  Whether it is being able to go a little longer in a workout, not feeling hungry or craving something that is not good for my body, noticing my clothes fit a little differently, unexpected "pep in my step" or just feeling satisfied with my accomplishments.  I continued to be really amazed that this is how this is all going down!!  I must admit that I did not expect this and am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

As I head into week 8...I am hoping to continue increasing my workouts, working on the things (like late night snacking) that still need improvement, planning on ways to give back some of the great gifts I have received, and continue to work on achieving BALANCE in my daily life!  God has lead me hear and now I must be willing to listen to his plan and continue to make a commitment to following that path.

I know that there is more inspiration, new milestones, challenges and victories to encounter.  I just have to keep my eyes open!

Congratulations to my cousin Kathy who has dropped 17.2lbs on her Journey!!!  You go girl!!! 

Don't forget the Firefly 5K-Saturday November 3rd at 7:00 PM!  Journey 120-Team MAWA Inspired T-shirts can be ordered at the link below.  Orders need to be in by October 15th!

Again, thank you for your support.  I have gotten some really great messages this week from friends and family and for that I so incredibly grateful!  I thank you for every single word of encouragement!!

Here is the link to join Team MAWA or to donate to the Houston Food Bank.  Would love it if you would join us!

Here is the T-shirt link:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill


  1. Congratulations on your 3 miles yesterday! Debi

  2. Your doing good...see you at Firefly walk. Barb

    1. See you there Barb...I am excited!